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 BIG FIGHT MATSUMOTO (BFM) is fly & lure fishing area in summer, and ice fishing area in winter at Hokkaido Japan. 


 It's located in the nearly middle between Niseko and New Chitose airport. Rusutsu resort is about 20 minutes by car.


 We have private 7 ponds for trout fishing.

You can get images from the followed videos.

winter season

summer season

 As our trouts are almost natural-born, they are strong and beautiful. 


 The targets here are rainbow trout, mountaint trout, masu trout and so on. The main target is rainbow trout. Steelhead and Cut throat which are the targets at north America is here, too.

 We've run this area for 20 years.

Nowadays, foreigners who stay at Sapporo, Niseko, and Rusutsu 

begine to come and enjoy fishing.


Let's join us!!


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