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Fly & Lure Fishing

 From April to the end of November, you can enjoy the Fly & Lure Fishing here.

The regulations, area use fee, rental fee, and fly fishing lesson fee are as follows. 




・All catch & release. 

・Only burbless hooks can be used.

・For lure fishing, 1 lure 1 hook, and single hook

      can be used( tripple or double is prohibited).

・Soft lures (worm, and like that) cannot be used.

・For fly fishing, over #4 rods & lines can be used.

・Dropper and trailer systems cannot be used.

Area use fee



〜1hour                   2,200 JPY

1hour 〜 6 hours     3,800 JPY

6 hours  〜 Sunset       5,500 JPY     

Rental fee

All set                 2,200 JPY

( One set of rod, reel & line, and a fly or lures, a landing net )


Only lures                 1,100 JPY



Landing net        100​ JPY

Fly fishing lesson

( reservation-only )

 Time schedule & Fee

It is for over 6 years old

Minimum number of participants : 2 people

Discussion needed : if the number of guests is 10 or more.

■ The morning course

9:00; Dep. From your hotel → 9:30~11:30; Fishing → 12:00; Arv. at your hotel   


18,750 JPY/person  

■ The afternoon course

13:30; Dep. From your hotel → 14:00~16:00; Fishing → 16:30; Arv. at your hotel   


18,750 JPY/person  

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